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About Us

We are a full service electrical testing company specializing in low, medium and high voltage testing, commissioning, startup and maintenance. We employ the most experienced field technicians and engineers along the gulf coast with offices in Houston TX and Lake Charles LA. We use state of the art test equipment and techniques supporting our customer base around the world.

We are a NETA full member company in good standing.

Our markets include:

  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Power plants and Cogeneration facilities
  • Utilities and electrical CO-OP’s
  • Renewable energy

Services include:

  • Protective relay testing/calibration
  • Breaker testing/rebuild
  • Switchgear testing
  • Relay coordination / Arc Flash evaluation and mitigation
  • Emergency response
  • Transformer testing/repair
  • Protective relay upgrades
  • Cable testing
  • Generator testing
  • Infrared Surveys
  • Offline partial discharge testing of cables
  • SF6 Gas processing and onsite testing of SF6 gas

In addition to traditional testing we also provide oil services. Our oil processing units trend and display key variables during processing to provide real time information on oil condition. We have four vacuum dehydration/oil processing rigs with crews performing the following:

  • Oil filtration
  • Transformer/oil circuit breaker degasification and dehydration
  • Transformer assembly and vacuum filling
  • Transformer leak repair/re-gasket services
  • Transformer cooling upgrades
  • Load tap changer (LTC) maintenance
  • Bushing replacement
  • Transformer replacement and decommissioning

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We are a Certified Full
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