• Experienced Field
    Engineers & Technicians

    Providing expert solutions and analysis in low,
    medium and high voltage electrical testing.
    Learn more about our services.

  • Tidal Power Services is
    Accredited by NETA®

    TPS is a Certified Full Member of the
    International Electrical Testing Association
    with one of the lowest EMR's in the industry. Learn More.

  • Emergency Response

    Offering state-of-the-art field test equipment
    and reporting. Learn more about our testing services now.

  • Full-Service Electrical
    Equipment Refurb Shop

    For your breaker refurbishment, calibration,
    equipment failure and maintenance needs. Learn more about our shop services.

  • Interested in a Career
    with TPS?

    We are a diversified group
    always in search of top talent. Learn more about current opportunities.

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About Us

We are a full service electrical testing company specializing in low, medium and high voltage testing, commissioning, startup and maintenance.

We employ the most experienced field technicians and engineers along the gulf coast with offices in Houston TX and Lake Charles LA. We use state of the art test equipment and techniques supporting our customer base around the world.

Our Impeccable Safety Record

TPS has proudly completed 10 years in serving our customers without a lost time incident. Learn More

Trey Thevenet, Chief Operations Officer, Tidal Power Services, LLC.

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